• What is a Wiki ?
A more or less community maintained website, more Explanation of Wiki on Wikipedia
  • How to create a new Item ?
Edit a page (by pressing the edit link that is on every page) and put in a new WikiWord, then save the page and click on the new link.
  • What is a WikiWord ?
A WikiWord is a word with mixed upper- and lowercase caracters. This Wiki is setup to convert these automaticaly to links that point to local pages.
  • How does this Wiki Work ?
Every Wiki has some specifics : TextFormattingRules and More documentation
  • Why does this work ?
Besides some Wikispam most people that take the time to put something in, actually mean well. So the whole thing takes a 'people are inherently good' approach. Besides, everything that people write can be tracked back using the history option. As the maintainer it is easy for me to revert a page to its original content. If for some reason there is too much vandalism, This wiki allows the maintainer to make it read only, or password based. It also has some rules that makes spamming unattractive.

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