Ihs Start Program Service (IhsStartProgram 1.1.0 download here,1.0.6 here and the latest 1.2.0 here )

Ihs Start Program DB Service (IhsStartProgramDB 1.2.0 download here )

The original Start Prog service is created as a replacement for DCS Watch a program no longer supported by Optio Software.

One of the main problem with DSCWatch is the bad handling of Locked files, this happens often when files are put on the server from an other server.

Instead of triggering on the windows notify, ihsStartProgram uses normal OS routines that Find files in a directory. This takes a bit more resources, but as windows stores this data in memory (disk cache) No real change will be noticed. Also ihsStartProgram has a small memory footprint and does not need any special libraries.

The Database version is able to use ODBC (ADO) connections to a database server and gets it's triggers from those, opposed to a file in some directory.

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