Installing the current version of ihsStartProgram(DB) is very simple because of the installer.

If the service is currently running, stop it first. Make a backup of your config file, the installation can overwrite it. (if you install 'support files' it certainly will).

The default installation will be in the folder

C:\Program Files\ihsStartProg or C:\Program Files\ihsStartProgDB

and the service will be registered automatically (but not started)

Then you have to change the Config File, Find the entry in the start menu for this. (you can also use the old config file)

For later use are several batch files installed next to the program:

  • ihsStartProg_Install.bat or ihsStartProgDB_Install.bat
This will register the service at its current location. You must uninstall before you can move the file to an oter location
  • ihsStartProg_Uninstall.bat or ihsStartProgDB_Uninstall.bat
This will silently uninstall the service.
  • ihsStartProg_Manual.bat
This will open the manual web page in your default browser.
  • ihsStartProg_Start.bat or ihsStartProgDB_Start.bat
This will start the service
  • ihsStartProg_Stop.bat or ihsStartProgDB_Stop.bat
This will stop the service

ihsStartProg_install.bat will not start the service
ihsStartProg_install.bat will install the service as LocalSystem, this 'user' can normally not get over the network.

Note: the database connection is depending on the kind of database you connect to, some only need TCP/IP to work and can work from any context.

You can change the user by changing the settings in the Services window (in the Control Panel) (look for the service called IHSStartProgram(DB)). Also this user has no profile, so there probably is no PATH available.

Command Line has also some examples.

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