• Spawned StartProgDB
  • Added option CreateProcess.MaximumRunTime (minutes), defaults to 72
  • Added option OnlyProcessKnownVars (boolean), defaults to True
  • Added CurrentDate, CurrentTime, TimeStamp, MyTimeStamp and ProcessQueueID
  • Added option FreeTimeStamp (Date Time Format for MyTimeStamp)
  • Fixed error when writing to log file on the return of two processes
  • Added the environment variable ProcessQueueID
  • Added special variable VD_DAT_IM and related VD_Dir_Name


  • Optional handling of subprogram error
  • Extention, directory, basepath specific command and environment
  • Uniq identifier per program start
  • Environment variables can be dynamic
  • Internal change of logfile handling
  • Maximum programs in queue setting
  • Optional setting for search interval in case of file found
  • Faster reaction on stop
  • added %OriginalExtention%


  • Added possibility for multiple basepaths
  • Added option to ignore the files in the basepath folder


  • Changed Default setting for Logging Autosave (To False)
  • Better handling of Pause and Stop
  • Changed internal handling of Logfile save (For Not Autosave)
  • Wait with Stop and Pause until all found tempfiles are handled.
  • Changed starting of programs so if there is more in the Queue than is simultaniuosly run you do not need a new file to start the rest.


  • Changed the handling of Rename errors, the next file will be tried, instead of running.


  • Added better exception handling


  • First Release
  • Added Logging related options


  • First Internal Release,

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