Regular expressions in Optio ...

The biggest trouble with them is that they are not that regular. if you are familiar with Posix style RegExp you will be let down a bit, but still it is quite powerful, only a bit odd :)

First look in the help file for it, just search using index for 'Regular Expression Symbols', You can also look in the 'Content' tab and pick out 'About Regular Expressions'. This will help for some people.

I always work better with examples ...

If you want to find a specific kind of string, keep in mind that the string needs to be inside the selected area (e.g. inside the box on the mapping) If you have selected 10 chars and you make your Regular expression 11 chars, it will obviously never work, the though part is that this sometimes is hard to spot.

I found this site that can help you create a regular expression from an example. Make sure to check it for Optionesss as stated above (it will be POSIX)

Examples :

[ ]\{8,10\}[^\ ]

Finds 8 to 10 spaces an then a non space.

[A-Za-z][0-9A-Za-z]*[ ]

Finds a string that starts with a letter, than followed by a letter or number followed by a space (e.g an identifier)


Finds a line starting with three numbers and ending with something like 0,00 or 1.23, what is in between does not mater.

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