The code below is untested please do not use outside Design Studio until you do

Making the height of the detail section dynamic without overprinting can sometimes lead to trouble..

This is because Design Studio creates code in a way that calculates the height of sections first, and prints them afterwards. During the calculation phase, Command's in Code Before and Code After will not be executed.

so putting something like LET OutputStr = <<"","">> In the Code Before will not lead to any benefits.

When you use the Run time property Content your code will be executed. For this to do something usefull you must almost always use functions.

Create a function like this (New, Function from the main menu) Save as TestContentProperty.Fun :

FUNCTION "TestContentProperty" ACCEPTS SomeVariable

IF LENGTH(SomeVariable) <10 THEN
  RETURN SomeVariable
  RETURN <<SomeVariable[1,1->10],SomeVariable[1,11->20]>>


And call it in the Runtime property Content like this :

= TestContentProperty(CI("SomeDetailVariable"))

You can now use dynamic hight in sections (also see Word Wrap On Repeating as it is related)

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