Design Studio is a tool that generates DCL code.

This sounds a bit simple but there are some interesting things with that remark.

  • Design Studio looks/behaves object oriented, DCL is a mostly procedural language (not object driven, but it does have some objects)
  • Design Studio does not read DCL code, it only generates DCL code

This is very clearly shown inside a DCL file, it has two 'parts'

  • the DCL code from the beginning up to a special marker
  • the Object information from the special marker to the end of the file
Design Studio only looks at the second part (just like The Optio Object Reader)
eComIntegrate (or ODCS) only look at the first part.

This distinction between the two also comes back to haunt people when they try to set special properties of the objects seen in Design Studio like :

  • When are 'When To Execute' variables checked, and what is their scope.
  • When is 'Code Before'/'Code After' executed, and in what context.

The choices made by the development team of Design Studio are not all 100% clear. I can understand a bit, because they had to choose, because for some reason objects have only one 'Code Before' and one 'Code After'. I must admit, most choices were decent. But there are some odd exceptions.

Object properties

Most properties you can set in Design Studio actually work, there are only a few that do not work as expecten, and some are not used. Let this strangenes not steer you away from trying, as the benefits can be great.

The most used properties are the Code Before and Code After commands. The where in DCL of the code created a problem for me in the beginning (I do some OOP). Here's a small list:

  • Code before/After of the Format are called every page, After the height calculation.
  • Code before/After of fields in the format are not called in the heigth calculation.
  • Code before/After of the mapping are called every in page. the code after is before the height calculation.
  • Code before of an input channel is called every time the lookup is used (from the mapping linked field).
  • Code before and after are called even when their object is tuned off by a 'When to Execute'.

Code edit boxes

Strange behavior of the code editor can sometimes happen, this sometimes can be remedied by replacing the srcvw32.dll in the program folder of Design Studio. Download the file from Tetradyne). You need the Active-X component that has version 2.2.x.

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