The tool opens the eci.ini (or odcs.ini) file and reads all the server configurations that are in the file.

General When you select the machine on the 'General' page ('Optio Server') all the other information will be set up accordingly. When you change the 'Log setting' to something else it will influence only that particular server. (you can have multiple configurations in one file, useful for clusters)

When you have selected your server and log setting you can proceed to the next tab 'mail setting'.

Mail setting The first box should get a SMTP capable mail server.

The second box will get the email address of the person (group) that should be aware of fatal errors (any fatal error means a document lost) The emails should be separated in a way your SMTP server understands. This used to be a comma, but some mail servers do not understand this (MS Exchange is one of them).

The third box if about warning messages.

Note that the specific error will not be in the mail. The mail only serves as a notifier of the fact that an error has occurred.

Log Settings This is the amount of logging that will happen and to where the information will go. I'm currently still not sure when errors end up in the windows event log, so I can not tell you how to do that from the ini file.

All the settings in *Mask settings can be looked up in the DCL manual. The *File settings should just be a file in an existing path on the current server.

When you press Save the current setting (on all the tabs) will be committed to the eci.ini using the default windows API's.

This will mean that the Log Setting of the General tab will become the current setting.

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